BK brings its clients comprehensive and effective electrical installation, facility management, switchboard production, building reconstruction and fit out solutions.

Extensive Experience

We have been providing solutions internationally for almost three decades. We can customize specific solutions and provide turnkey delivery for many different markets.

A Team of Experts

We employ and maintain long-term relationships with specialized professionals and can react to all client requirements.


We strive to meet our client’s requirements and bring their ideas to life.

Electrical installations

BK, a.s. specializes in comprehensive technical building installations and services from initial design through to final installation.

Our goal is to provide clients with a complete range of electrical installation solutions. We carefully design and prepare projects, secure materials, install all electrical equipment and ensure everything is running to our client’s specifications. We provide professional services for clients in the commercial, residential, industrial and public sectors.

High Voltage Systems

  • Transformer stations and kiosk transformer stations,
  • 22 kV wiring,
  • High voltage switchboards.

Heavy Current Installations

  • Low voltage switchboards up to 1,000V,
  • Cables/wiring,
  • Backup electrical sources,
  • Lighting fixtures,
  • Electrical fixtures,
  • Outdoor lighting./li>

Low Voltage Installations

  • Security systems (EZS, EPS, HSP),
  • CCTV,
  • Access systems,
  • Structured cabling,
  • Home video/audio systems,
  • Measurement and regulation.

Facility Management

In addition to property management, we also provide a wide range of facility management support services to optimize our client’s operating costs.

Thanks to our services, our clients employees are engaged more effectively which positively impacts on their business growth and competitiveness. Among the standard services we pride ourselves on providing is outstanding non-stop support, including 24-hour emergency and help desk services which contribute to long-term satisfaction and ongoing stable relationships with our partners.

Facility Management Goals Include:

  • extending equipment life;
  • preventing incidents with preventive maintenance;
  • relieving the client of support activities; and
  • Contributing to reduced operating costs and increased profits by providing turnkey services and solutions.

Our Work Methodology

  • Regular periodic building/property visits
  • Dedicated on-going technical service representative(s), according to client needs and requirements
  • Service technician dispatched based on client request

We have service centers throughout all regions of Slovakia. As a result we can guarantee a service technician arriving on-site 2 hours – or even within 30 minutes in some locations. Each service center is fully staffed with a team of experienced workers and professional technical equipment.

Hard Services

  • Operation, repair, maintenance, technical inspections and technical tests
  • Electrical systems and electrical equipment
  • Lighting, emergency lighting
  • Gas, water, sewage
  • Heating, DHW
  • HVAC
  • Elevators, lift equipment
  • Security systems (electronic security systems, fire alarm systems),
  • Measurement and feedback control
  • Fire safety and fixed fire extinguishing systems
  • Construction work
  • Locksmith work and carpentry repairs
  • Plumbing repairs

Soft services

  • Helpdesk a 24-hour emergency dispatching/service
  • Energy
  • Proposals for the cost-control and/or ROI analysis
  • Winter and summer maintenance
  • Pest control, disinfection
  • Waste management and environmental services,
  • Finishing
  • Fire, health and safety services
  • Property inventory
  • Building management
  • Administrative Services
  • Green area maintenance
  • Reception, property security

Building Reconstruction and Fit Out

Since 2017, our company has focused on providing comprehensive building reconstruction, renovation and fit-out services to our clients.

Our company will manage the project from initial design to the final handover of your custom space. Based on our many years of experience in the area of building technologies, we can minimize scheduling conflicts and ensure smooth transitions in the preparatory phases of the project, thus shorting the overall project time.

Our main goal during the project’s realization is high client satisfaction through adherence to deadlines while providing the most effective possible solutions with high quality work and materials.

Our talented and knowledgeable team of experts from various applicable fields will lead your project from start to finish. We will take care of process controls to ensure that the end result corresponds to your conceptualization and requirements.

Project Documentation 

  • Space, architecture, acoustic design
  • Sanitary engineering
  • Fire security system (fire alarm system, fixed fire extinguishing/suppression system, HSP)
  • Electrical installation (incl. high current, low currents, structural cabling)
  • Distribution of cooling, heating, complete ventilation
  • Measurement and regulation


Complete Installation of Individual Project Components

  • Architecture – demolition work, construction, disassembly, drywall, glass systems, steel structures, acoustic solutions, floors, tiles, etc.
  • Sanitary engineering – water distribution and sewerage, rainwater systems, supply and installation of wastewater pumping stations, supply and installation of grease trap/interceptors, etc.
  • Heavy current system – complete implementation, including the production of switchboards
  • Low current systems – complete implementation, including employee time clock systems, camera systems and structured cabling
  • Fire protection (fire alarm system, fixed fire extinguishing/suppression system, HSP), fire water supply, supply and installation of hydrants and sprinklers, installation of fire protection distribution, fans, fire dampers, installation of smoke screens, etc.
  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation
  • Complete measurement and regulation


Switchboard Manufacturing

Our experience with the production of low voltage switchboards dates back to 2008. We manufacture our switchboards based on our own design or MTO according to supplied project documentation and your individual needs and requirements.

In addition to manufacturing, we also deliver and install at both the client site and electrical company’s site. We manufacture our products in accordance with European and international standards. Since client satisfaction and the quality of our products are paramount to us, we partner with companies such as Schneider Electric, Eaton Electric, Legrand, ABB among others to supply necessary components.

Switchboard Manufacturing  

  • Residential switchboards
  • Lighting switchboards
  • Motor control switchboards
  • Electricity meter switchboards
  • Construction site switchboards
  • Switchboards for HVAC
  • Drawer cabinets


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