About us

BK, JSC has an abundant history, which dates back to 1995, when our focus was selling lighting technology and lamps. Eventually we widened our services. In 1998 we added the implementation and installation of electrical installations into our offer of services. Two years later we established a new division of the facility management with branch offices all over Slovakia. Considering our growing influence and obtaining many important orders in Slovakia, as well as abroad, we decided to further strengthen and expand our portfolio of services.

In 2008 we started producing low-voltage switchboards on the premises of our own manufacturing hall. In 2017 we widened our offer of services with the realization of building renovations and fit outs, which helped us become even more of a complex partner for our clients. In 2021 we became a part of the ZSE group, a member of the E.ON, which brought us many new opportunities for further development and growth. This step made us an even more important player on the market. It enabled us to use the synergy with the ZSE group.

Our goal

Our goal is to build long-term and successful relationships with all of our clients and help them grow and succeed by providing the best possible solutions on the market.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide flexible and complex solutions, which exceed expectations and ensure outstanding services thanks to our key competences.

Our team

Our team consists of qualified professionals, who take care of all aspects of buildings and their interior equipment. Our many years of experience combined with youthful enthusiasm enable us to effectively help our clients bring their business to the fore.





Environment, which precedes expectations

It was in our office, situated in a historical complex, where we made the decision to use modern elements and materials, which create the perfect connection between the past and the present. In order to create an elegant and sophisticated interior, we combined traditional elements with modern materials. This resulted in a pleasant and comfortable working environment, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also helps improve productivity and well-being of employees.

Quality is our priority

We provide services, which are in accordance with European and world-wide standards and are continually being updated according to the newest trends and technology. We make sure that our solutions are in accordance with the highest norms of quality, safety and environmental protection, all while doing our best to meet all legislative requirements and regulations in the given area.

Modern technology

Innovative solutions for work and life.

Team of experts

Cooperation and uniformity in order to achieve a mutual goal.

Quick service

Short-interval services with immediate availability.


Quality for satisfaction and long-term relationships with clients.


Provision of long-term functionality and effective solutions.


Focusing on human values and needs of customers.